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A Leading Veterinary Clinic in the Urbana, MD Area


Village Vet of Urbana is your community resource for keeping your family pet healthy and happy. We are here to serve you! As part of the Germantown Vet family, we bring years of experience and compassion to the practice of veterinary medicine. We know how to listen—to you and to your family pet.

It helps that we are a full–service facility. That means we can handle all the diverse medical requirements of all the pets in the Urbana area. Our staff has a mission to serve you and your pets, and we pride ourselves on providing the information and support you need as well as the outstanding care our pet patients deserve. At Village Vet of Urbana, it’s all about teamwork. Our dedicated veterinary staff, led by Dr. Lucy Tidd, works together to provide the highest quality of care in our unique and welcoming facility.

Part of the Germantown Vet Family

Since opening in 1983, Germantown Vet has become the go-to veterinary clinic for pet owners throughout Montgomery County, Maryland. With Village Vet of Urbana, the family of Germantown Veterinary Clinics extends their unmatched expertise and service to Frederick County as well! Our state-of-the-art veterinary facility with an in-house laboratory allows us to provide full surgical, dental, and ultrasound services for your pet to ensure all aspects of your pet’s health can be cared for. Your pet’s lab work, x-rays, prescriptions and medical history are available in the patient’s electronic medical record – just like the best human hospitals. When needed, these medical documents are ready to send to other animal specialists or to a new vet in another state if your family is moving. Our veterinarians are available to care for hospitalized patients after hours, and we have a live-in veterinary nurse to check on our patients during the night.

Our great reputation in the veterinary community allows Village Vet of Urbana to take advantage of many learning opportunities. We participate in clinical trials for new medicines and procedures, and we work with cutting-edge laboratory equipment. We are committed to offering the best veterinary care possible, and are constantly learning new ways to treat your sick or injured pet.

Veterinary Services Our Animal Hospital Provides

Equipped with nearly 30 years of veterinary training and experience, along with cutting-edge equipment and proven treatments, our team is proud to provide Urbana and the surrounding areas with comprehensive pet health solutions. Our knowledgeable veterinarians offer:

  • General pet healthcare services. From routine checkups and diagnostics to healthcare consultations, you’ll find what you’re looking for with Village Vet of Urbana. We do all of our work in-house when possible, utilizing our on-site laboratory to complete blood work, urinalysis, and even x-rays and ultrasounds.
  • Complete vaccinations. Vaccinating your pet against disease and bacteria is one of the most crucial and effective means of keeping your beloved family friend happy and healthy. We provide complete vaccinations, as well as de-worming, lice and flea treatment, and more.
  • Dental care.  Dental health for pets can present a lot of challenges, but it plays a vital role in a healthy dog or cat. We offer comprehensive pet dental care services to keep your furry friend smiling.
  • Cold laser therapy. This is an exciting and unique service we offer to our pets! Utilizing cold laser (low-level laser) technology allows us to offer relief and treatment for chronic or post-surgery pain.
  • Veterinary surgery. We offer many surgery solutions, from spay and neuter procedures to joint and urinary care. And if we feel a specialist is needed to meet your pet’s needs, Village Vet of Urbana has strong relationships with leading surgeons across Maryland, so you can rest easy knowing we’ll help you find the specialist that will serve you best.
  • Veterinary intensive care. Monitoring and life support services are available for emergency situations involving your Urbana, MD pet, and for post-surgery care.
  • And more!

Contact Village Vet of Urbana for Veterinary Services throughout Frederick County

Village Vet of Urbana aims to please pet owners who want to make the best choices for their pets and who want to work with a veterinary practice that shares their values. Above all, Village Vet of Urbana is built around our people. Our staff is highly experienced, motivated, and caring. We combine knowledge, expertise, and a personal touch that makes our clients and their family pets feel right at home.

Make an appointment and find out how special our veterinary care can be for your family’s feline or canine friend!

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