Large Breed Dog Care in Urbana, MD

How to Care for Your Big Dogs in Frederick County

Are you the proud owner of a large dog? Perhaps you’re considering buying a Great Dane, Newfoundland, or German Shepherd. Owning a large breed dog brings tons of fun, adventure, and slobber into your daily life. But being a responsible dog owner is about more than just purchasing a fluffy dog bed and chew toys. You must know how to properly care for large dogs, which are prone to different health problems than small breeds.

If you need help selecting a dog food, training your pup, or treating health problems, Village Vet of Urbana is the best resource in Frederick County. We’re experts at caring for large breed dogs—in fact, several of our staff own large breeds, including German Shepherds.

To ensure your dog stays healthy and happy, please contact Village Vet of Urbana with any large breed dog care questions you have.

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Is Your Urbana Family Ready for a Big Dog?

All dog breeds, no matter what breed, start out as tiny puppies. Just remember, that little furball could grow to be 100 pounds or more! Make sure your home and family members are prepared to handle the size and power of a large breed dog before you decide to buy that puppy in the window.

Does your Frederick County family need help preparing for your new (big) family member? Contact Village Vet or Urbana to learn everything you need to know about your newest furry friend.

Your Urbana Pup’s Diet

Big Dogs, Even Bigger Appetites

Owning a big dog means being prepared to feed it, and a St. Bernard eats more than a Chihuahua—it’s as simple as that. Dogs over 80 pounds can easily eat 4 to 6 cups of dog food per day.

We highly suggest selecting the best-quality food you can afford to help your large breed dog live the longest, healthiest life possible. You know you’re getting a good-quality dog food if the first few ingredients are meat products rather than grains. Two brands we recommend include Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild.

If you need help selecting food for your large breed dog, visit Village Vet of Urbana for diet and nutrition counseling. Our expert vets can help you with all of your dog’s nutrition and health needs.

Contact us today to schedule your vet appointment in Urbana!

Large Dog Training in Urbana, MD

For Large Breeds, Behavior Training is a Must

With all that power and muscle comes the potential for destructive or dangerous behavior. Even if you have the strength to rein in your dog, the ability to give a vocal command and have your dog obey makes life much happier for you and your dog. If you notice behavior problems in your large breed dog, we suggest enrolling in obedience training classes and then practicing what you learn at home.

For recommendations and help with dog training in Urbana, contact our qualified vet technicians today!

Common Health Problems for Large Dogs

Many health problems affect all dogs in equal measure, but others are disproportionately seen in large breeds due to their different physiology. Here’s what to watch out for in your large breed dog:

  • Bloat: Deep-chested breeds, including Great Danes, are most commonly affected by bloat. This problem occurs when your dog swallows too much air, which can happen when eating too fast or too soon after exercising. If you notice your pup pacing, salivating more than usual, retching, or exhibiting an enlarged abdomen, visit Village Vet of Urbana immediately for emergency vet care.
  • Joint Issues: Arthritis and hip and elbow dysplasia affect large breeds more than small dogs. Keep your dog’s joints healthy by avoiding running on hard surfaces and maintaining a healthy weight with good-quality dog food.
  • Hip Dysplasia: Most commonly occurring in large breeds like the Saint Bernard, hip dysplasia can lead to pain, joint degeneration, and arthritis. Rapid weight gain can complicate the development of hip dysplasia.

There are many other sicknesses or physical issues your big dog can have. Keep your pup as healthy and happy as possible! Schedule regular check-ups with our certified and reliable veterinarians, and bring your dog to our emergency vet care when something more serious occurs.

To schedule your dog’s visit our state-of-the-art veterinary clinic in Urbana, contact us today.

Village Vet of Urbana—Trustworthy Veterinary Clinic in Urbana, MD

Start Your Large Pup Off on the Right Paw

We are the leading veterinary clinic in the Urbana, MD area, and are your community resource for keeping your pet happy and healthy! Village Vet of Urbana brings years of experience and compassion to the practice of veterinary medicine. Our trained, certified, and experienced veterinarians know how to listen—to you and to your family pet. We can handle all the diverse medical requirements of all the pets in the Urbana area. Our staff has a mission to serve you and your pets, and we pride ourselves on providing the information and support you need as well as the outstanding care our pet patients deserve.

Whether you just added a Bernese mountain dog to your family or it’s time for your Irish wolfhound’s annual checkup, come to Village Vet of Urbana for all your large breed dog care needs.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your dog at our Urbana veterinary clinic.

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