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Dogs and cats may not be immortal, but with the proper care, your pet can live for many years, maintaining an excellent quality of life even into old age. At Village Vet of Urbana, we are committed to providing quality senior pet care for older animals. We offer the screenings and physical exams your pet needs to help reduce the severity of conditions that often affect animals in their mature years. This helps us manage your dog or cat’s health to ensure a longer, better life.

The next time your senior pet needs veterinary care, please schedule an appointment at Village Vet of Urbana.

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Senior Pet Care in Urbana, MD

Is your pet a senior citizen? This depends on many factors, especially size. Smaller dogs and cats, for example, are considered seniors once they reach eight to 10 years old. By comparison, the largest dog breeds enter their golden years as young as five years old.

When you come to Village Vet of Urbana, we’ll help you determine whether your pet is considered a senior and explain the care necessary to keep the animal happy and healthy. Here are some of the most critical senior pet care services we offer:

  • Dental care: It’s important to protect your dog’s teeth from decay, as well as address problems that could lead to infections or tooth loss, with the proper pet dental care.
  • Vaccines: Pet vaccinations don’t stop just because your pet is getting older.
  • Physical exams: An inspection of your pet’s eyes, ears, mouth, skin and fur, paws, and joints tells us a great deal about the animal’s health.
  • Blood work and screenings: If we think something is wrong, these diagnostic tests may reveal the problem.

All this and much more is available with a pet wellness plan, which is just $54 per month for senior dogs and $58 per month for senior cats.

Signs of Aging in Dogs & Cats

Just like people, pets can face problems with weight, mobility, cancer, heart disease, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, and other conditions as they age. These problems often manifest as physical symptoms. Here are some indicators that your dog or cat could benefit from senior pet care:

  • Slower pace: Decreased mobility is normal with old age, but if arthritis is to blame, it may require careful management.
  • Hearing loss: If your pet frequently fails to respond when you call, tips from our experienced vet may benefit you.
  • Vision problems: Cloudy eyes are a sign of cataracts. Our team can help manage this and other vision problems as your pet ages.

How to Keep Your Senior Pet Healthy and Happy

During your visit to Village Vet of Urbana, we’ll cover the things you can do at home to contribute to a long, healthy life for your beloved pet. This includes:

  • Adjusting your pet’s diet and eating regimen to meet his changing dietary needs.
  • Alerting your pet’s exercise routine to address the challenges that come with decreased mobility.
  • Making lifestyle modifications to combat higher levels of anxiety, fatigue, and other changing behaviors that come with old age.

Schedule Senior Pet Care Services at Village Vet of Urbana

Whether you have a dog or cat, we can help you understand the animal aging process and teach you any special care techniques that may be required. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to make a difference in the health and wellness of your pet.

For expert help keeping your senior dog or cat comfortable and happy, please contact Village Vet of Urbana today at (301) 228-0681. We look forward to meeting you and your furry companion!

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