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When your pet in Ijamsville, Maryland is in need of care, you want to be sure you choose a knowledgeable and caring veterinarian. At Village Vet of Urbana, our team is dedicated to services that provide for all of your pet’s needs, administering comprehensive solutions for everything from a checkup to surgery.

Village Vet of Urbana carries decades of experience in handling various pet health needs, and we’ve been providing the absolute best for pets and their owners in Ijamsville, MD since day one. Our vet clinic is completely equipped, featuring in-house labs and diagnostic equipment to ensure you’re getting only the best.

When you’re looking for an animal hospital in Ijamsville, MD, Village Vet of Urbana stands ready to provide for all of your pet’s needs.

To schedule your appointment at our Ijamsville animal hospital, contact us online or give us a call at (301) 228-0681!

Veterinary Services in Ijamsville

Our Ijamsville animal hospital provides complete veterinary care for Ijamsville pets, including:

Check-Ups & Diagnostics

Our team is uniquely equipped and experienced to provide complete diagnostic and checkup services for your cat or dog. We can perform blood work, X-rays, and ultrasounds, all on the Village Vet of Urbana grounds. We firmly believe that prevention and detection are the foundations of a happy and healthy pet, and we provide all of the care and exact service your pet needs to ensure complete health.

Pet Dental Care

Routine dental health care can help keep your pet clean, healthy, and can assist in avoiding many complications—particularly as a pet ages. We provide cleanings, dental examinations, and even extractions if needed.

Pain Therapy Solutions

Dealing with chronic or sudden pain in your pet can be tremendously stressful for both you and your furry family member. Village Vet of Urbana in Ijamsville is experienced in handling pain therapy, and we can help you get the information and services you need to help keep your pet comfortable and relaxed when recovering.


Vaccination wards against a plethora of viruses and diseases that are common to cats, dogs, and other small pets. We provide a full array of preventative vaccinations—everything from core vaccines to breed or gender-specific immunizations.

To learn more about our pet vaccinations in Ijamsville, contact our team online today.


Here at Village Vet of Urbana, we are equipped to handle most forms of pet surgery on site, and we take great care in providing simple, stress-free, and comprehensive surgical services. Neuter and spay are our most common procedures, but our healthcare team has handled many years’ worth of more complex surgeries, including joint and eye procedures.

Pet Health Consultation

Possibly the most vital resource available when it comes to pets is information. Every breed, gender, and age-group has different guidelines for care. When an issue arises, or if you simply need answers to questions regarding anything from feeding to behavioral troubleshooting, our experts are always here to help. Whether you come in person or can only make a phone call, we can help provide the answers you’re looking for.

Emergency Veterinary Care

In an emergency, you need a local Ijamsville vet clinic that can respond with great care, authority, and comprehensive solutions. Our expert veterinarians are here for you and your pet, so call us at (301) 228-0681 when you suspect your pet is in an emergency situation.

Contact Our Trusted Ijamsville, Maryland Veterinarians

No matter your pet care needs, Village Vet of Urbana is here and ready to assist. Our vet services put your pet’s needs first above all else, taking great care to ensure your pet is as happy as possible, comfortable, and without stress. You can stop asking yourself, “Where can I find an animal hospital near me?” The answer is here at Village Vet of Urbana.

Contact us today or give us a call at (301) 228-0681 to learn more about our animal hospital in Ijamsville!

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